Patagonia Chilena ¡Sin Represas!

Will Patagonia’s wild rivers be dammed, developed, and industrialized to produce electricity for distant markets? Hidroaysen, a company controlled by the international energy conglomerate Endesa, proposes to construct five massive hydroelectric dams along the Baker and Pascua rivers. The power generated would flow north toward Chile’s population centers, requiring a 1400-mile-long high voltage transmission corridor that would fragment wildlife habitat in more than a dozen national parks and reserves. The Council for the Defense of Patagonia, a coalition of more than thirty conservation organizations including the Pumalin Foundation and Conservacion Patagonica, is leading the fight to save Patagonia’s wilderness character and keep its rivers wild and free. As the educational centerpiece of the anti-dams campaign, the coalition released an exhibit format book Patagonia Chilena ¡Sin Represas! (“Patagonia, Chile Without Dams!”) in 2007, which was produced with key funding and editorial support from the Foundation for Deep Ecology and Conservation Land Trust. With striking images and essays from many of Chile’s leading conservationists, the book outlined the unacceptable ecological and cultural impacts that such mega-dams and associated transmission infrastructure would cause, arguing that Chile’s energy needs can be met without destroying one of the grandest wild landscapes left on Earth.

Contributors: Edited by Juan Pablo Orrego and Patricio Rodrigo; with essays by Manfred Max-Neef, Juan Gastó Coderch, Luis Infanti de la Mora, Sara Larraín Ruiz-Tagle, Hernán Sandoval, Carlos Weber, John Wilson, Patrick McCully, Angel Cabezas Monteira, Douglas Tompkins and others.

Published by Ocho Libros Editores, 2007.

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