La Tragedia del Bosque Chileno
(The Tragedy of the Chilean Forest)

Adrianna Hoffman, one of Chile’s leading conservationists, a former executive director of the Chilean forest advocacy group Defensores del Bosque and former head of Chile’s National Environmental Commission (CONAMA), states in her introduction to La Tragedia del Bosque Chileno that the book Clearcut produced by the Foundation for Deep Ecology inspired her to produce a photo-format volume on the sad plight of Chilean forests. FDE, along with the Weeden Foundation and other funders, supported Defensores del Bosque to publish an incisive critique of contemporary forestry practices in Chile, and articulate a positive future vision for native forest conservation and restoration. Similarly influential but longer and more comprehensive than Clearcut, La Tragedia del Bosque Chileno covers industrial forestry’s effects on Chilean ecosystems including negative trends in soil health, biodiversity, and beauty. Its 400+ pages of photos and essays document the destructive practices of an extractive industrial economy, and proposes alternatives that are restorative and sustainable.

Contributors: Edited by Adrianna Hoffman; Felipe Orrego, photo coordinator. With essays by Carlos Ceuvas, Sara Larraín, David Ehrenfeld, Juan Pablo Orrego, Jerry Mander, Chris Maser, Reed Noss, Vandana Shiva, Michael Soulé, Douglas Tompkins, and others.

Published by Ocho Libros Editores, Ltda., 1998 (Spanish only).