Foundation Officers:


Douglas Tompkins, President
Doug Tompkins is longtime wilderness advocate, mountaineer, organic farmer, activist, and philanthropist. He founded The North Face outdoor gear retailer and cofounded Esprit clothing. Since moving to South America in 1990, he has worked to create large-scale protected areas in Chile and Argentina. Tompkins has supported activist groups in North and South America, and he has helped produce numerous campaign-related books on topics such as industrial forestry, factory farming, and coal mining.


Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, Vice President
Former long-time CEO of Patagonia clothing company, Kris Tompkins is the founder and president of the nonprofit conservation group Conservacion Patagonica, and was the key figure behind the creation of Argentina’s Monte Leon National Park. She is the recipient of numerous awards for her conservation work.


Quincey Tompkins Imhoff, Vice President
The former executive director of the Foundation for Deep Ecology, Quincey is a photographer and project manager for a wide variety of projects focusing on education, community, and the environment. She endeavors to do good deeds each day in service to those around her. The Imhoff family lives in Healdsburg, CA.


Debra Ryker, Secretary/Treasurer
The former chief financial officer at Esprit de Corp., Debbie Ryker has served as finance director for all of Doug and Kris Tompkins’s conservation projects for more than two decades. She lives in southern California.


Foundation Staff:


Tom Butler, Vice President for Conservation Advocacy
A Vermont-based activist and writer, Tom Butler is the board president of the Northeast Wilderness Trust and the former longtime editor of Wild Earth journal. His books include Wildlands Philanthropy, Plundering Appalachia, and ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Esther is a certified public accountant (inactive) with a Master’s degree in Taxation. She has worked for the Foundation for Deep Ecology for over 15 years and volunteers with various nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Chinese community. Esther enjoys traveling around the world, seeing the sights and trying new food.

Fay Li, Staff Accountant
Neil Li, Staff Accountant


George Wuerthner, Ecological Projects Director
A photographer, author, and activist, George Wuerthner has published more than thirty books on America’s wild places. His books include Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy and Thrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation. Wuerthner has served on the boards of several regional and national conservation organizations, and lives in Helena, Montana.